Welcome Message


Dear Colleagues

It is now 28 years since establishment of our Society. Many thanks to you all for your overwhelming support which enabled the society to continue its role in Continuing Professional Development and Education in infertility.


When we started our Society we were only 21 founding members, today we are more than 1450 registered members. Your society is one of the largest national fertility societies worldwide and we are continuing to grow. Thanks for the enthusiasm, you all expressed which qualified your society to be a member of the prestigious International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) for decades and the African federation of Fertility Societies (AFFS). 

The society publishes, three issues a year, the peer reviewed Egyptian Journal of Fertility and Sterility since 1997. Today 51 issues of our journal are already published.  The journal enjoys a great popularity in Egypt and attracts a number of researchers from abroad to publish their original articles in it. From the year 2023 we will start publishing four issues a year.

The editorial process in EFSS is completed online and authors are notified automatically with the result of refereeing within a “3 weeks” period. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the criteria of scientific excellence. Our Journal website http://egyfs.journals.ekb.eg/. I would like to thank Prof. Aboubakr El Nashar, the Editor and Prof. Mohamed Salama Gad and Prof. Hossam Fahim Abdelrahim, Associate Editors for their efforts and great support in publishing the EFSS Journal.

The 2022 EFSS congress is granted 16 accredited hours from the Arab Commission for Accreditation of Professional programs (ACAPP) Continuous Professional Development Activity Accreditation,

This year we have 44 International guests, who are leading scientists and pioneers in the field, from five continents. From them only 8 Guests, due to previous commitments will be attending virtually. 


Special thanks for our guests from all over the world for their prompt response to our invitation to participate in this meeting. Indeed, I really am grateful to them all for accepting to be with us in this meeting and to share with us their great expertise in the field of reproductive medicine in spite of their very heavy commitments. For those who could manage to come to Cairo, I wish them all a very enjoyable stay and a safe journey back home or to other destinations to fulfill their commitments in different parts of the World. For those who participated virtually a big fat THANK YOU for sharing with us your great expertise.

I sincerely thank all members of the EFSS Board of Directors particularly our Secretary General, and the Secretary of the conference, Professor Amr El Shalakany who worked tirelessly for one year preparing for this conference and indeed did a wonderful job by putting together such an outstanding scientific and social program for this year's conference. Words would fail to thank him tremendously for his huge efforts and dedication in supervising every details of the conference all through the year.  I also would like to thank all members of the board for their continues collaboration for the prosperity of our society.

Sincere thanks to the conference organizers particularly Mrs. Azza El Tobgi and Mr. Reda El Shebiny and Pure Spot marketing agency for the tremendous efforts in the preparation of this conference.  

I also would like to thank all the medical industry companies who supported the conference.

Hope you all will enjoy the outstanding scientific and social program of the conference. Those who are from outside Cairo enjoy this vibrant city which does not sleep but please make sure to actively participate, as well, in the conference.

Yours Sincerely,

         Prof. Gamal Serour


         President of the Society

         and the Conference