Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues

It is my great pleasure and honor to ask you all to join us in the 27th EFSS Annual International Conference in Cairo. The 27thAnnual International Conference of EFSS will be held during the period 25th-26thNovember, 2021. You may recall the great success, which we all enjoyed, in the previous Annual International Conference organized by the Society during the past 26 years.

The EFSS 26th Annual International Conference held on Nov. 26-27th 2020, because of the COVID -19 was a great success, albeit it was a virtual one. The Board of directors of the Society had invited a large number of International figures in the field of Infertility from different parts of the world to participate with us either physically or virtually as possible in this conference. Oral and poster sessions will be organized to accommodate more scientific research display during the Conference.

We hope that you will enjoy the social gathering and scientific program as well.

Prof. Gamal I. Serour
President of the Society and the Conference.