Virtual Conference 2020

Virtual Conference 2020 - Lectures

  • Day1

    Session #1:  Endometrial Scratching: Should We Still Do It?
     Prof. Ben Mol   

    Session #1:  Critical Appraisal Of Management Strategies For Poor Responders To Ovarian Stimulation.
     Prof. Yacoub Khalaf   

    Session #1:  Prevention Of Endogenous Lh Surge During Ovarian Stimulation.
     Prof. Ioannis Messinis   

    Session #1:  Amh And Afc And Ovarian Reserve: Are They Competitors Or Complementary?
     Prof. Samir Hamamah   

    Session #1:  What will Clinical Services Look like in COVID Era
     Prof. Richard Kennedy    

    Session #2:  Adenomyosis: Pathogenetic Mechanisms And Clinical Implications
     Prof. Felice Petraglia   

    Session #2:  Emerging Challenges In Understanding And Treating Adenomyosis
     Prof. Yutaka Osuga,    

    Session #2:  Ovarian Endometrioma Related Infertility: Ivf Or Surgery As Primary Approach.
     Prof. Jacques Donnez   

    Session #2:  Endometriosis and Infertility
     Prof. Shawky Badawy   

    Session #3:  Art And Bariatric Surgery.
     Dr. Khaldoun Sherif   

    Session #3:  Art Vs Covid: Trends, New Developments And Management Strategies
     Prof.. Luca Gianaroli   

    Session #3:  Obesity, Covid And Obstetrics
     Dr Tahir Mahmood   

    Session #3:  Covid-19 And Reproduction
     Prof. Mohamed Salama Gad   

    Session #4:  Making Sperm And Eggs In The Human From Skin Stem Cells
     Prof. Sherman Silber   

    Session #4:  Fertility Preservation In Women
     Prof. Marie-Madeleine Dolmans   

    Session #4:  Strategies For Fertility Preservation In Women With Breast And Hematological Cancers.
     Prof Pedro Barri, Spain    

    Session #4:  Fertility Preservation In Ovarian Cancer Patients, State Of The Art
     Prof. Sven Becker   

    Session #4:  Preserving Functional Capacities Of Girls With Genital Atresia
     Prof. Amr El-Shalakany   


    Session #5:  Is Progesterone A Spoilsport Or A Game Changer?
     Prof. Ameet Patki   

    Session #5:  Anomalies Of Placentation After Ivf
     Prof. Eric Jauniaux   

    Session #5:  Managing Ectopic Pregnancies By Targeting Chorionic Villi With A Transvaginal Injection Of Ethanol Into The Lacunar Space In 242 Cases
     Prof. Hisao Osada   

    Session #5:  Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing From Fetal DNA In The Blood Of Pregnant Women.
     Prof. Wolfgang Holzgreve   

    Session #5:  Historical, Religious And Ethical Considerations Of Cesarean Section
     Prof. Hassan Nasrat   

    Session #6:  Fibroid And Fertility
     Prof. Gamal Serour   

    Session #6:  Single Embryo Transfer – Best Strategy To Healthy Baby
     Prof. Juha Tapanainen   

    Session #6:  Why Life Birth Rate After IVF Declined
     Prof. Aboubakr El Nashar   

    Session #6:  The Management Of Unexplained Infertility: An Evidence-Based View
     Dr. Mohamed El Sherbiny   

    Session #6:  Infertility Treatment in Women with PCOS
     Prof. Basil C. Tarlatzis    

    Session #6:  Luteal Phase Progesterone Effects on the Endometrium in ART
     Prof. Robert Casper    

    Session #7:  Laparoscopy For Endometrioma (When And How?
     Prof. Kaori Koga   

    Session #7:  Office Hysteroscopy - Serving Women Of All Ages
     Prof Edgar V. Mocanu   

    Session #7:  Navigating The Sea Of Adhesions: Prevention And Treatment Of Asherman’s Syndrome.
     Prof. Mohamed Bedaiwy   

    Session #8:  Does Pcos Begin In Utero?
     Dr. Duru Shah   

    Session #8:  Environmental Impacts On Human Reproductive Health
     Prof. Linda Giudice   

    Session #8:  Progestogens In Contraception And Female Brain Vulnerability
     Prof. Andrea Riccardo Genazzani   

    Session #8:  Role Of Antioxidants And Art
     Prof. Botros Rizk   

    Session #8:  Managing Post-Reproductive Women’s Health: A Need For An Individualized Approach.
     Dr. Mourad Seif